If you are sick and do NOT have health insurance, Call us today. We can help!

Casa Salud Family Medicine Clinic

San Antonio's Premier Primary Care for Patients WITHOUT health insurance.

About Us

Our Health Mission

To provide quality, trustworthy healthcare to patients WITHOUT health insurance at a predictable and reasonable cost.
We are a direct primary care (DPC)  on a fee-for-service model.

Who is Casa Salud?

Ray Altamirano MD is a first generation American. His parents came from Coahuila, Mexico to contribute and thrive in this great land. He is native of South Side San Antonio and a graduate of Harlandale High School c/o 1998, and Texas A&M Aggie c/o 2002.
The healthcare system is broken.  Health insurance companies and healthcare administrators' greed are the problem. We elected to exclude them and want to work directly with our patients. This is our way of contributing to the solution: making healthcare predictable, affordable and pure.


Your visit will cost you $100 per visit.
There are 5 basic labs and EKG included at this cost. There will NOT be any surprise bills or fees after your visit.
If your health care plan requires more specialized labs, you will only pay face value for the labwork.

We are proud of our transparency!