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Combining Passions to Make a Difference


Dr. Altamirano believes that it is very HEALTHY to body and soul to find a hobby, skill, or activity to DETACH from everyday life. His way to detach is through art. His art is called AMAR ES VIVIR (to love is to live).  Add as a friend on Facebook!

Dr. Altamirano has been painting since 2014 and sells his original prints.

Through Casa Salud, Dr Altamirano has created a away to combine his passions:

He plans to sell his PRINTs and have the proceeds pay for his patients' needs to include medications, procedures, and/or specialist visits. 


Each quality print costs AMAR ES VIVR ~$50.  Once received from the vendor, Dr Altamirano personally touches-up and customizes the print prior to you receiving it. No two are alike!

The price $100 each.  A Reservoir of the proceeds has been stablished ($50 per print sold) to fund his patient's needs. 

If you are interested in purchasing a print, email alamodiversemedical@outlook.com with your selection.  See gallery below.

 Payment $100 via paypal to alamodiversemedical@outlook.com.
Allow up to 3 weeks. Prints are to be picked up at his clinic.
If you are not local and would like the prints mailed to you, please add an additional $20.

Thank you for your interest!